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Avoiding Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

Done-For-You Articles, E-book, Workbook, and Graphics

Teach Your Clients to Work Smarter and Not Harder 


Teach Your Customers Tips and Tricks

to Stay Focused and Not Be Distracted!

This PLR Pack teaches your People to know How to Avoid Traps which take away from their productivity!

Stay Focused and Maximize Their Effect.

Sample Titles:

>  The Bright Shiny Object Spiral


> Give Yourself Time to Learn New Tech


>Why Do You Keep Getting Swept Up in New Ideas


> How to Approach New Tech?

. And More…


 This Robust Package Can Save Time and Make More Money!

What’s In the Packet?


> Five Action-Packed Articles for Your Blogs or Emails

> An E-book/ Journal

> A Printable Workbook

> Social Media Graphics and Posts

> Edit Them, Put Your Name on Them, and Use Any Way You like.

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