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Help Your Clients Understand Why Christianity is Different from All Other religions

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Help Your Clients Understand the Difference

Why Christianity? PLR Packet


Your Readers will discover the Mystery of Jesus and the Cross.


They will discover the Difference between Christianity and All Other Religions.


Your Readers will discover God’s Overwhelming Love for All of Mankind.


So What’s Included?

5 Articles consisting of about 800 words each.

(Almost 4,000 words total).


Why Christianity?

What Is This Born Again Business?


What Is This New Life Like?


What Makes Jesus Different?


Jesus is The Life Changer


An Excerpt…

C.S. Lewis was another person who had a dramatic encounter with Jesus.

He was a brilliant scholar at the University of Oxford in England, but he was an agnostic, and certainly didn’t believe in Jesus.

There was a small group of scholars there who would meet regularly at a local pub to discuss philosophy. One in the group was Tolkien, the author of Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, and several other famous books.

Tolkien was a Christian, and he would continually throw in some discussion about Jesus. In fact, he tried to encourage Lewis to accept Him. But he wouldn’t.

After many meetings – over several years – and much discussion, one day Lewis relented. He was astonished at the change he felt, and the understanding that came with this acceptance.

C.S.Lewis became a new man.

Over the following years, C.S.Lewis became one of the world’s greatest Christian writers. He was totally transformed in mind and in character.

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