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I am Suellen Estes and I am On a Mission to Help Writers

Top: On TV in Tupelo, Mississippi

Center: Speaking at Conference in Atlanta

Bottom: At Book Signing for Extraordinary

For many years I desired to write and publish, but I was afraid that I didn’t have the know how to do it.

So I didn’t.

Then I went to work! I began reading books about writing and publishing. I attended conferences and watched webinars. Eventually I gained the confidence I needed.

The day finally came when I just faced the mountain and climbed it – one step at a time. That was 2010, and I have never turned back.

Now I have more than 20 books available in paperback and on Kindle. (All of these may be purchased on Amazon).

Since that time, speaking and media engagements have opened up, and  my writing and my ministry have blossomed.

Now my goal is to help you accomplish your mission as a writer.

The world needs more uplifting books and blogs

“Suellen’s Tremendous Tool Kit for Writers” is designed to give you some fresh ideas for greater writing success

I think you will find this kit very beneficial.



More Than 20 Books Available On Amazon in Hard Copy and Kindle

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  Let’s Make Some Money!

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