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Many are asking about Done-for-you Content. (Some call it PLR Private Label Rights)

What is it? How can it help you?

PLR, which stands for Private Label Rights, is one of the greatest tools available for bloggers, writers, and speakers!

It is content which can be purchased and used as your own. You have the right to edit it. Change the title. Claim authorship. Use it almost anywhere you would like.

It’s like having your own staff of writers. You can put it on your blog.

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Once you purchase the product, it’s yours.

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The Mission

Our dream is to reach out to the many Christians around the world who desire to be God’s  messengers. Some will speak through video or audio. Some will write books, blogs, or on social media. Some will speak in English, others in Russian, Polish, or another language.  There will be many nuances, many voices, many missions. All will thrive as we band together – networking, learning, and growing in our unique gifts.