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You have a Message Burning in your Heart. Maybe it’s for Leaders, or Women, or Men, or Teens. Maybe you are in Business, Education, or Government. Well Now is the Time to take that Message to the World. It’s time for “All Hands On Deck.” It’s Time for You to Fulfill Your Call in Your Area of Influence.

Do You Want to Write a Book or Start a Podcast, but Don't Know How?

Do You Already have a Presence Online, but Want to Be More Effective?

Are You Advanced in Your Mission, but Want to Expand Your Reach??

Christian Bloggers International Network may be Your Greatest Key!

Authors and Bloggers

Training, Tools, and Encouragement to Achieve Your Impact Goals


Learn From the Experts and Share Your Expertise with Others


You Know the Power of Video.. Now Hone Your Skills and Maximize Your Success

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You Help Everyone Achieve Their Goals. Now Keep Up to Date with the Latest Trends. Expand Your Reach.

The Mission

Our dream is to reach out to the many Christians around the world who desire to be God’s  messengers. Some will speak through video or audio. Some will write blogs or books. Some will speak in English, others in Russian, Polish, or another language.  There will be many nuances, many voices, many missions. All will thrive as we band together – networking, learning, and growing in our unique gifts.

1. How much does this cost?

It is absolutely free to sign up for Christian Bloggers International. Much of the training will be free.

There will be opportunities to learn from the Experts at an additional cost. However, none of this is required.

2. What if I don't have a website?

A website is very helpful even for podcasters and YouTubers. But don’t worry. We will help you set up your site. You can start a blog at a very low cost.

Training will be available for startups as well as more advanced.

3. I have had a blog for awhile. Is this for me?

Yes., this certainly is for you. This group is for all levels of accomplishment. Your effectiveness can be enhanced by networking with other bloggers. Learning, sharing, and perhaps guest blogging.

There will be training to advance all levels.

4. Is this Network for More Advanced Publishers?

Yes, absolutely. Your expertise can help others. We will be looking for leaders to conduct webinars, and perhaps sell your products.

Plus we all know that there is always room for greater effectiveness and greater reach.  

5. Will there be a Facebook Group?

Yes. Those who have signed up for the email list will be invited to join the closed Facebook group. We will be able to communicate with each other – discussing issues and networking.