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Christmas Secrets: To Enhance Your Celebration

Done-For-You Articles, E-book and Graphics

To Help Your Clients, Friends, and Family embrace a greater understanding of Jesus and this special celebration.


 Inspire your students with Amazing Stories.

They will learn to appreciate their Christmas more than ever!  You and your students will discover some surprises as you read!!


Yes!! I Want These Articles

There Are Surprises Like:

Did you know that Jesus was promised even in the earliest chapters of the Bible?


Did you know that Old Testament prophets promised that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem?


Did you know that Jesus was called the “Word made flesh?’ And do you know what that means?


These and More Surprises are in Store for Your Clients 

 What’s In the Packet?


> Three Well-Researched Articles  to

Use In Your Blog or Group Studies

> Each with Thoughtful Questions to discuss alone or together

> These Bible Studies designed to be used on a Lunch Break.



> Graphics for you to use on Social Media

> An E-Book for you to use anyway that you like.

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Yes!! I Want These Articles

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