It’s the start of a new week. Do you have a “Start Your Week Off Right” routine?

I can’t say that I always have.

I like to begin each day with coffee and the Bible. But I haven’t  always taken the time to think about my focus for a week. Another week dedicated to my God, my family, and my special assignment from my Creator.

That’s what life is, you know. Your life is your special assignment from God. Nobody looks just like you. Or thinks just like you. Or has gifts and desires just like you.

You are different. You are one of a kind. A masterpiece. Even when you are in a crowd of people, there’s no one quite like you.

That’s why it’s so important to spend time praying and meditating. Why are you here? What’s your purpose? And what’s your purpose this week?

Ideas and plans begin to emerge. Then you ask, how do my desires and my gifts direct me in my purpose?

What’s His big plan?

But also, what is the smaller part of the plan? The next step?

Not everything you do this week will be earth shattering or magnificent. In fact, your week will primarily consist of small, seemingly incidental things. But these small things are building blocks in your big scheme.

That’s the way the world was created. Every thing we see is made up of tiny particles.

Your body is made up of trillions of cells. Each designed to make a significant contribution.

Everything you see is made up of billions of atoms. Too small to be seen with the naked eye. Tiny pieces joined together to make the whole.

And our lives are made up of seemingly infinitesimal bits of time. Most of these bits seem unimportant. But they are more important than we think. At the very least they are habits we are developing. One tiny bit at a time.

So as you pray, ask God to bring clarity to your purpose and your plans. Then you will have more clarity concerning your special part in his big plan. And He will continue to guide you step by step into your greater purpose.

Face your week with faith and face it with joy. Be grateful for even the little things which God brings your way.

And remember: Only You can be You!

Keep on Soaring!

P.S. Is part of your plan to write a book?