Do you want to try some new ways of cultivating a growth mindset?

These three activities are things you can try that will help you. Two can be done alone and one requires a partner. They’re all easy, free activities that will provide you with significant rewards.

1. Read Books on Mindset and Success

The number one book to read is the Bible. The Bible is filled with promises from God to help you along your journey. Psalm 139 is a great place to start. This whole psalm is about how special you are to God. How He has created gifts within you and plans for your days. Your faith rises when you think about the potential you have when God is directing and empowering your life.

Reading opens your mind and fosters growth. This is true for all forms of reading, from the humblest comic book to the greatest of the classics. Different types of books foster different kinds of growth, however; reading War and Peace won’t have the same effect as a book on growing roses.

Since you’re trying to cultivate a growth mindset, you want to read some books on the topic. You can also read books on success and personal development. Even books about famous people who failed on the way to success (such as Thomas Edison) are a good choice.

All of these will contribute to your mindset growth. Bonus: you can get most of these books for free from your local library (for print editions) or its app (for audiobook versions).

2. Role-Play Growth Mindset Scenarios

True confessions: I’m don’t like role playing so much, but some people really find this motivating, so here goes.

This one requires a partner, preferably someone who’s also working on their mindset so you can take turns being the one in the hot seat. You can do this either in person or via a video conferencing system.

Select some scenarios that are common obstacles to a growth mindset. Or some things you find difficult. You can find some online or make them up yourself. Examples include failing at a task or facing a performance review at work.

Take turns pretending the scenario is real and practice responding. This practice really helps some people.

3. Take a Break

You like this one. Right?

As counterintuitive as it sounds, taking a break may just be the reset you need. No brain can be “on” all the time. Take a break from whatever you’re doing – even 15 minutes will help – and relax or go do something fun.

Your break will not only put you in a better mood but turning off your conscious brain allows the unconscious brain to go to work. You might come back and suddenly find the answer you were looking for.

At least, you will be fresh and ready to tackle the problem again.

So be proactive. Challenge yourself with these and other activities to expand your mind.

You have a better future than you can imagine – as you continue to expand and grow your mindset.

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