Ok. So we’ve talked and talked. We’ve shared ways to increase your mindset – and not get stuck in a negative rut.

Now the question is: Is it worth it? All of that meditating on scripture. All of that changing routines, nutrition, exercise, and everything else we’ve discussed. Is it really worth all of that?

I would say, “Yes.” and a thousand times, “Yes!”

So what’s in it for you?

1.) This is the way to your Best Life.

, you’re going to be living your best life, the life you want to live, the one God has designed for you.

All of the hard work you put in and all of the activities you do in an attempt to grow your mindset are all about this one goal and guess what? They work. Pretty soon you’ll be saying hello to the life you know is God’s plan for you.

2.) You’ll have Improved Confidence

People with a positive, growth mindset are more confident than others. Working to change your mindset is going to improve your confidence from the start. As a Christian, you will realize that you are a child of God and He is with you every step of the way.

You will also appreciate the gifts He has given you, and you will have confidence in your ability to use those gifts.

3.) You’ll Experience Less Stress

Cultivating a growth mindset is going to decrease your stress levels and improve your resiliency. You will know that when things look tough, you can still work through your problems.

You’ll experience lower amounts of stress for the rest of your life. This will lead to a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other negative effects of chronic stress. That leads to a longer life.

The benefits just cascade!

4.) You Will Lower Your Risk of Depression and Anxiety

Even if you suffer from depression or anxiety already, cultivating a growth mindset will help you move beyond it. Once you have worked on your mindset awhile, you’ll be less likely to experience depression or anxiety.

Everyone experiences crises from time to time. Yet even when these inevitable negative events happen, you’ll bounce back f faster than before.

5.) You’ll have Improved Relationships

One non-obvious benefit of changing your mindset is that it will improve your relationships. All of the other benefits combine to make you enjoy your friends and family more and make you a better person and a better friend.

The result is better relationships.

So there you have it. A short list of benefits from improving your mindset.

These are just a few of the benefits. The benefits of changing your mindset are innumerable and lifelong. These benefits are durable. They won’t disappear after a short while.

Once you’ve figured out how to do many of the things associated with growing your mindset, your life will continuously improve, and you’ll discover more blessings along the way.