Digital Devices have transformed our lives, and I love them. Yet, often we allow ourselves to be controlled by them, and not the other way around.

Digital noise is a real thing. It’s all those distractions coming from our phones and computers that prevent us from focusing on the important things in life, like our loved ones, our businesses, or our health.

Answer these questions to determine if digital noise is affecting your life.

  1. Do you feel like you must be online all day every day?
  • Yes, otherwise I might miss out on news, events, or speaking to prospects.
  • Not sure; I don’t really think about being online. It’s just a part of my life.
  • No, I can unplug on the weekends and/or after business hours easily.
  1. Does your online work on your computer or phone take away from your physical activity?
  • I’m the definition of a couch potato with a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Sometimes, it all depends on my deadlines.
  • I still fit in time for exercise and meal planning.
  1. Do you use your phone while watching TV, eating dinner, or spending time with your family?
  • Yes, my clients need me.
  • Sometimes; I’ll turn it off during dinner but then I need to be online.
  • My family is more important than business.
  1. How long do you spend on social media each day?
  • I have it turned on all the time.
  • Too much; I really need to cut back but don’t know how.
  • As little as possible. I outsource my posts, so I only go on to answer questions or to post in my private groups.
  1. How many times a day are you interrupted by notifications from email, social media, or other platforms?
  • Too much; it’s really a nuisance.
  • I haven’t noticed.
  • Very little. I never sign up for those push notifications.
  1. Do you take your phone on vacation?
  • Yes, my clients might need me.
  • Sometimes but I only use it at night when the kids are in bed.
  • No, I prefer to stay focused on my family.
  1. Do you answer every phone call, no matter what time of day or night?
  • Yes, it might be a future customer or client.
  • Sometimes, it depends on the caller ID.
  • I have client boundaries and office hours for a reason.
  1. Do you miss important conversations or fun activities with family or friends due to phone calls?
  • Yes, but my family knows I’m running a business and I have to be on call.
  • Sometimes I have to excuse myself to take a call.
  • My clients know I stay unplugged after hours.
  1. Does your work impede your sleep habits?
  • I have clients from around the world and figuring out time zones is a pain.
  • Sometimes I work late, depending on deadlines.
  • No, I have an evening routine that I live by, including no phones in the bedroom.
  1. Do you actually accomplish work on your phone or are there too many distractions from various sources?
  • Yes, my phone is a necessary part of my business and I can’t live without it.
  • Sometimes; I use it mostly for phone calls and recording live videos.
  • No, I can’t do real work on my phone. I need my laptop.

Now you do the assessment. Do you notice any patterns?

Take a look at the following points to see where you need to make adjustments:

Adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep daily in order to be productive. Televisions, cell phones, email, and social media right before bed can cause sleep patterns to be interrupted.

As a result, we can be sluggish and tired when we wake up.

Daily exercise and healthy eating are also vital parts of living longer but our phones and sedentary lifestyles in front of the computer are hampering that healthy living.

Learning to set boundaries and office hours as well as taking breaks during the day gives you small bits of time for stretching or walking to get your blood flowing.

Lastly, all humans need attention but will feel slighted if you have to work during their special time. Directing your undivided attention to your most favorite people will help them to feel special and will strengthen that relationship.

And if you have children, remember that you are their first teacher and they will follow your example. So, if you constantly have your head in your phone, expect them to do the same thing years down the road.

Take the quiz and decide where you might need adjustments.

When we are conscious of these things, we will be able to improve our lives – and our performance.

2022 Here We come!! Let’s make it great!


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