Crafting the right Email funnels is an important marketing strategy to understand if you want to better communicate with your audience and to increase your  profits. While it may be hard to believe, email marketing still out-performs social media by nearly forty percent. Not only does email marketing generate more revenue, but it is also more productive as it is three times faster.

Here are four easy steps to creating a high-converting email marketing funnel:

Step One: Find more customers and sign them up for email.

The first crucial step to creating a high-converting email funnel is to create brand awareness and find more customers. (This is often called Lead Generation). Focus on creating a process that draws in your target audience. Usually this is an offer with an opt-in form. Your offer of a free product is an incentive to get their information and start them down the email funnel. Once they opt-in, they’ll become a new subscriber and receive your hearty welcome email.

Step Two: Continue to send value-filled emails.

You will further build their interest with great content. Your emails will provide information and teach them about your products or services without focusing on promotions. This step is about building a stronger relationship with your customers to keep them around long-term. It allows you to form a deeper connection with your audience. Engaging content leads to more action.

Step Three: Content Persuasion

Once strong relationships are built with your readers, you want to persuade them further to make a certain decision. This is where the promotional content begins to flow into your sequences and your readers start to make purchases and become loyal customers.

In this step, be sure you always include an easy and obvious call-to-action, so your audience knows what to do. Your click-through rate depends on it.

Step Four: Engage and Follow Up

Nurturing your leads never stops. The step keeps going as is required to keep their interest and see more conversions. Even after your readers purchase, you want to follow up with them and keep them engaged.

Send thank you emails and invite them to other groups or platforms that teach them how to use your products or services even better. The more places and ways you can keep your audience engaged, the better and fewer chances for them to unsubscribe or become disinterested.

So there you have it.: your email funnel formula. Four steps to follow again and again. Sign up email customers, nurture them with a series of emails containing valuable information, offer them something to purchase, and continue to engage them for the follow up.

Following these steps ensures you have everything you need to create high-converting email funnels. A great marketing strategy for the highest return on your investment.

This costs little to nothing to get started, but can reap great rewards when you continue.

Forever Upward!


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