Do you pray over your business? I do.

In fact, I often start my morning with an hour or more of spending time with God. Praying, listening, and reading the Bible.

I consider him to be the CEO of my business. I’m the COO. He’s the boss. I just carry out His plans.

So what difference does this make?

First, spending this time helps me stay focused on the right priorities. My number one priority is to serve my customers – helping them to achieve their goals. I want to offer products and services which bless them abundantly.

Second, this special time helps me gain clarity. Often as I pray, the Holy Spirit gives me new ideas and shows me where I’m not being as productive. What to pick up and what to put down. With clarity, I can approach the day with a clear picture of what I want to accomplish.

Third, praying gives me confidence. I know that I have God’s hand on my business and He is empowering me to achieve His goals. So I know that I will be successful in what I am doing because He is with me in the process.

So how about you? Do you pray over your business?

I would love to hear your thoughts about this.