Today we want to talk about 5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes.  Avoiding these can make a huge difference in your email marketing success.

While email marketing may be the best way to engage and increase sales, you can easily make mistakes. The email marketing process requires preparation, review, and evaluation to keep it running smoothly and successfully.

Unfortunately, if you don’t know what you are doing, you can fall into some common poor habits that result in a poor return on investment.

So let’ take a look at what to avoid.

Avoid: Only Using Emails to Make a Sale

If the only emails you send are promotional and full of sales links, you are already doing a disservice to yourself. Many of the people will unsubscribe – or stop opening your emails.

Nobody likes the sell, sell, sell type of emails.

Instead, use email to teach your readers something you want them to know, and even better, make sure it solves a common issue or problem for them.

Then add other smaller promotional sequences throughout you campaigns.

Avoid: Ignoring Your Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate means that your email list is defective.

Where are you getting your email addresses? If you are getting them from optins, at your website or other places, probably most of your addresses are good.

However, purchasing lists or using third-party addresses like Google and Microsoft can signal spam warnings.

Check often to make sure that your list is a good, operative one.

Avoid: Not Understanding Your Audience

Take some time to understand your audience. What are their needs? What are their goals?

By taking this time and initiative, you will be able to better send material which will benefit them.

By not taking the time to understand your audience you run the risk of poor communication and poor quality material you are sending.

Email marketing is powerful because subscribers view it as more personal – providing you the opportunity to form a deeper connection and understanding through personalized content.

Avoid: Disregarding the Devices your Subscribers Use

In other words, avoid ignoring the device your readers use the most to read and engage with your content.

This is crucial. Today 30%-40% of people read their email from their smartphone. (Not me, because I prefer my laptop).

However, smartphones are far more available to people than computers, so many people choose that method.

It could be that most of your subscribers  read your emails and other content on their phones. Therefore, you must ensure your content is optimized to view and click-through for mobile phones.

How do you optimize for smartphones? Shorter paragraphs and sentences. Lots of white space.

Also, make sure that your email provider optimizes for phones. Not all of them do.

Phones are here to stay – and even increase in use – so remember to present emails which are readable on these devices.

Avoid: Having Poor Calls-To-Action or None at All

Don’t just sell, sell, sell, but having a good call-to-action is important.

First, when you get your readers to click, they are nodding that they like your material. Then when they get another email from you, they are more likely to read it.

Just human nature.

So every email should have a clear goal. There should be an easy-to-use and understand call-to-action (an option to click).

When they click on your call-to-action, your readers should find something of value – whether it’s a purchase or a freebie. You are helping them solve their problems – and helping yourself secure a loyal customer.

It’s a win-win!

There you have it. Five very common mistakes in email marketing. If you check your marketing frequently, you will see if any of these mistakes are cropping up. If so, you’ll be able to fix them – and move on to greater success in your campaigns.

Remember: No campaign is perfect. We are all works in progress. If these crop up, don’t be discouraged. Just fix them, and move on.