Email automation. What a gift!

With automation, we can set up emails to go out when we are sleeping – or on vacation. And we can set  up as many as we want to go out when people sign up for different products  or offers.

These are often referred to as automation flows or autoresponder flows. Sets of emails sent automatically to subscribers to streamline and enhance our email marketing process. Automation can be set based on time or on a certain set of events – such as signing up for a newsletter.

Automation can send them a welcome email. It will also ensure they receive the other emails in the series consistently.

What’s more, automation can better segment our lists to target and refine our communication. Thus, better results and better conversions.

Automation can do what would be impossible for us to do.

Let’s look at five common email flows you should implement in your email marketing plan:

Welcome Email Series

First, establish each new connection with a welcome email. If someone subscribes to your list, you should never neglect the opportunity to say hello and thank you for joining the community. They need to know at first contact what to expect and when to expect it. 

Abandoned Cart Email Series

When a possible customer starts to purchase and then doesn’t follow through, an email series can be quite effective. That person was interested, but decided for some reason not to buy.

This is a straightforward reminder crucial for e-commerce businesses. This email reminds the customer  that they left items in their cart to purchase.

Often times this is a great opportunity to offer a small discount and help your customer follow through with the purchase. 

Personalized Discounts

Some marketers ask for a birthday, anniversary, or other personal information when a customer signs up. Then when the customer’s birthday or anniversary comes around, they can be recognized, making them feel special. 

Post-Purchase Series

This is a set of emails sent after a subscriber makes a purchase or follows a certain call to action. This shows that you appreciate their business and hope to continue to provide value to them. It also ensures they use the products or services correctly to maximize their usefulness.

This is a great time to ask questions and give feedback to establish your trustworthiness and credibility.

This series can be a tremendous boost to your business.

Educational Email Series

Also known as lead nurturing content, this is a very valuable series of emails. This series can build a connection with your subscribers to keep their interest and understanding about your business, products, or services.

The more education and value you provide your subscribers, the more likely they are to become loyal customers.

Remember, automation is there to keep you consistent and help reduce tedious and mundane work.

Never approach this as something you can set up and ignore completely.

If you want to crush your email marketing goals, always keep track of the results and test new automated series. Design and tweak your automation to get the best results.

Your customers will love you for it!