Okay, you are sending out an impressive offer with your emails.

Did you know that, even with a terrific offer, only about two percent of sales are made on the first initial contact?

This means those who use email marketing successfully see most of their profits through their follow-up strategies. If you don’t follow up with your subscribers after the initial contact, you are not using email marketing correctly or to its fullest potential.

Every great sales person knows that you have to reach out and communicate with a person more than once to grab their attention and hook their interest.

Here is an interesting statistic: research shows that nearly eighty percent of sales come from the fifth contact, which jumps significantly compared to the two to ten percent of sales you see from the first to the fourth follow-up.

Meaning you shouldn’t be the one to opt-out or give up; leave that up to the readers and implement these four follow-up strategies to improve your email marketing sales:

Say Thank You and Ask for Feedback

When an audience member signs up for your list or purchases a product, an automated email to thank them or ask for feedback should happen. The feedback you get allows you to make sure the process is easy to complete and that the products or services you promoted throughout your emails provide the value you promised.

Add Value and Personality

Show subscribers your brand’s personality, which is often your personality.

Show them that you are there for more than just monetary gain.

This means you should always find ways to add value and your personality when sending an email. While many of these messages are automated, you can set them up in a way that reflects who you are – your attitude toward your customers, and your desire for them to prosper.

Keep it Short, But Not Too Short

Emails between fifty and 125 words have often been the most successful, especially in increasing click-through rates.

Too little information provides the incorrect amount of time to say what you want to say, while too-long emails distract and overwhelm them. Thus, say what you need to say, but be direct and stick to the point. Also make your call-to-action clear and precise.

Add Personalized Support

Send periodic emails to invite your readers’ personalized support through one-on-one calls or even creating support groups within your community. The point is to remind your readers that you are there for them and someone they can reach out to if they need to.

In other words, show your readers that you truly care about them and their success.

Don’t expect results right away from one email or opt-in sequence. The power of email marketing starts with continuously getting to follow-up with your interested readers more directly and personally.

The more personalized and valuable the follow-ups, the more likely you are to see positive conversions. Give your readers the trust and credibility they need to transition into loyal and paying customers.

These follow-up ideas should help with that.