Some people think that our mindsets were set at birth and they can’t be changed. But that is a myth! Not only is this  a myth, but it can be dangerous, as it belies the potential for human change and personal development.

Another myth is that a growth mindset is good and a fixed mindset is bad.

In this blog post we want to expose those myths. Your mindset is definitely changeable! And having either mindset can be good.

Not only is your mindset changeable, but it changes throughout your life, sometimes rapidly, and sometimes slowly. You might not have noticed you attitudes changing, but over time we change. We might not pick up on our own inner changes.

Everyone’s mindset is a combination of fixed and growth mindsets, and it’s the ratio of these two that changes throughout life. You can become more or less open to risk and more or less believing in the power of hard work and dedication to reach goals. You can also become more or less convinced that intelligence or morality are inborn versus developed attributes.

These are just examples, but every aspect of your mindset is equally open to change.

What drives these changes? The experiences you have in life are the primary reason, and how your mindset shifts is due to your personality. The same experience will have different effects on different people.

Most people shift more toward a growth mindset as they go through life, but there are exceptions. Trauma and other negative events can push people toward having more of a fixed mindset.

All of this is assuming that all the changes your mindset undergoes are unguided and happen naturally.

You can also deliberately and consciously change your mindset. You can focus on the parts of your mindset that you don’t like and change them.

Helping you do that is the purpose of this program.

Deliberately changing your core attitudes isn’t always easy, but it can be done.

During this challenge, pick one aspect of your mindset you would like to work on. Perhaps it’s embracing new things or working through frustration.

Then you can work on that one thing. There are some aids we’ll share which can help your development.

Commit your woks to the Lord and your plans will be established. (Proverbs 16:3)

Affirmations (some call it confessions), journaling, and meditation (especially on God’s Word) help you succeed in this. There are many verses in Proverbs which address habits and personality traits. These are terrific for meditation and affirmation.

When you’re satisfied with your progress in one area, you move on to the next.

Don’t buy into the myth that mindset is static. Not only can it change, but it does change throughout your life, whether or not you purposefully try to change it. Why not guide these changes and help them along so that you can grow into the best possible version of yourself.

Today, think about one aspect of your mentality you want to change. That’s what you should work on first.