Did you know that your environment has a big impact on your mental health? This includes your mindset.

It’s true; research has shown that the spaces you spend the most time in (your home and your workspace) have a dramatic impact.

While it won’t work miracles, improving your environment to make it more conducive to a growth mindset will not only improve your mindset but boost your mood and increase your personal growth. Here are several ways to do it.

1.) Bring in natural light

Humans are designed to spend lots of time outdoors. Our ancestors spent most of their time outside. Only in the modern era have we reversed that.

An easy way to make your environment more conducive to a growth mindset is to let in more natural light. Open windows or doors and let the sun in.

Hey! If you work on a laptop, why don’t you try sometimes working on your patio or porch?

2.) Add light, bright colors

Dark, somber colors can make you feel down and de-energized. Neutral colors have little effect, and bright or light colors do the opposite.

You might not be able to change the colors of the walls and furnishings, especially at work. Instead, bring in plenty of brightly colored accents.

3.) Declutter


Cluttered spaces raise our stress levels and make us feel scattered. This effect may or may not be conscious.

Get rid of the excess and see how much better you feel.

4.) Tidy up and organize

Keeping things neat, clean, and organized  boosts your mood  and makes your space a better place to work.

Get organizational supplies to put must-have items neatly away and out of sight.

5.) Add lots of greenery

Plants have the same sort of effect on mental health as natural light does and for the same reason. Bringing plants into your home will make you feel better and immediately boost your mood.

Over the long term, tending to plants and keeping them alive and healthy is great for growing your mindset too.

6.) Start a vision board
A vision board is essentially a collage of your dreams and goals.

Do you want to buy a house? Find a picture of the type of house you want and put it on the board. Do you want to go to Paris? Pin up a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Put the board up somewhere you can see it, such as above your desk, and look at it often.

Your Free Vision Board Tutorial may be found HERE.