Do you stay in the moment or do you find yourself tuning out as you go about your day? Our challenge today is to take notice. Present focus is one of the hallmarks of a growth mindset.

That is, people who have a growth mindset tend to focus on the present moment rather than constantly dwelling on the past or dreaming about the future. Most people are the opposite, and the more of a fixed mindset a person has, the more likely they are to be fixated on the past or future rather than the present.

Which timeframe do you focus on more? Past, present, or future?

Think about it for a moment and answer honestly. See if you can come up with a percentage split of past/present/future. You don’t need to be exact -an approximation will do.

Chances are that it’s not the present moment. If it is, great -you can use the techniques here to improve your focus. But if not, you’ve got some work to do.

The best technique for beginners to use to learn to focus on the present moment is mindfulness practice. This is an easy practice you can do anywhere, anytime that will gradually ease you into focusing on the present more and more. It doesn’t require anything except a few seconds of your time and some concentration.

This is how it works. Sometime during the day, stop what you’re doing, whether that’s work, eating, or anything else. Close your eyes. Notice everything that’s around you. The feel of your feet on the floor. The itchiness of your new shirt. The smells coming from the kitchen.

Do this for about 30 seconds. Then go back to what you were doing. That’s it -no special time set aside. Repeat this several times a day. Gradually extend the time you spend to a minute. Notice what other people are doing around you. Really notice them -as people, not background objects.

When you’ve mastered this part of the practice, start doing it while you continue your tasks. Take notice of what you’re doing, whether that’s grocery shopping, typing on the computer, or cooking dinner.

Slowly extend the number of times per day you do this and the amount of time you spend doing it. You’ll gradually become more focused on the present moment all the time without even trying.

Regardless, learning to focus more on the present moment will help you improve your mindset and continue your self-development journey.

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