April had decided to go for the challenge to grow her mindset. As was often the case, she read the posts and dove into the work necessary to grow in her ability to see herself doing extraordinary things. She truly wanted to change her mindset.

Well, along came her family reunion. It was fun seeing everyone. They reminisced and laughed about some foolish past episodes. It was a wonderful time, and April was glad that she had put in the effort to go.

Yet there was an unexpected downside. When April got home, she fell into her old routine. Old habits. Old mindset.

When you are working through a challenge – especially about your mindset and your thought processes, it’s easy to slip back  at such moments. You lose your momentum, and often there’s the “oh what does it matter?” danger.

But you want to do this, so here are three tips for getting a reboot on your journey.

There are several things you can do to start the process quickly. A few of them are outlined below. Be warned, though, that these aren’t for the faint of heart.

They’re also risky, in that  if they are too ambitious, they can backfire and set you back. Know yourself and your probable reaction well before attempting any of these kickstarts!

1.) Volunteer for something new
New experiences and tasks are one of the things most likely to help change your mindset. Instead of starting small, you can go big, and one of those ways is by volunteering to do something new at home or work. It can be anything from a project committee at work to joining the school PTA to coaching your son’s soccer team.

There’s only one requirement: it must involve a commitment, so you can’t just back out when you have time to reconsider.

2.) Try something you normally wouldn’t consider
This means trying something way outside your comfort zone. Do you have set food preferences? Try the strangest dish on the menu. Are you a homebody? Call a friend and schedule an outing at a museum or concert.

Again, it can be big or small, but it needs to be something that involves a commitment so you’re not likely to back out. It also needs to involve something you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

3.) Do something daring
You have a bucket list. Everyone does, even if it’s not written down. What are the things you most want to do that seem out of the norm. Pick one and do it. Or commit to doing it.

Do you want to go back to school to change careers? Apply to the school.

Do you want to travel to India? Book the trip. (Or buy some books about it).

Do you want to write a book? Sit down and begin your outline. Who, What, and Why do you want to write? This one can really jumpstart a whole new chapter in your life!

This is the riskiest but most rewarding of the three options. It can make or break your attempt to change your mindset.

But if it works, the benefits will be spending the rest of your life having done something important to you. You’ll have the adventure of a lifetime -and a new growth mindset to boot

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