Do you know your purpose in life? Or are you unsure about it? So many wonder about this.

Acts 17:26 tells us that God, our Creator, set the time we would live and the boundaries of our existence. There is a reason we are here right now.So you have a purpose. You have a unique set of gifts. You also have a unique set of desires which are part of your makeup.

If you are having trouble finding your life’s purpose, you aren’t  alone;.  Many people have trouble with that. Most people don’t get the proverbial bolt out of the blue that tells them what they’re meant to do. Most of us find our life’s purpose slowly, little by little as we go through our lives.

Here are 6 ways that will help you speed up the process. Keep an open mind as you proceed with this. You never know when you’ll find your perfect “fit.”

1.) Pray. And pray often.

Your Heavenly Father is the one who knows it all. He knows everything about you, and He will guide you if you allow Him to. Ask Him to show you as you continue with these ideas. You will learn to recognize that still, small voice within your heart. That’s Him urging you to go one way and not another.

2.) Check out your interests
What kind of things are you interested in? What are some things you like to read about? Are there things you collect or would like to collect? If you could talk to someone about anything, what would it be?

Your interests are clues to your life’s purpose. Start spending more time on them and see what comes up.

3.) Ask for advice
Talk to people in your life who know you the best. Ask them what they appreciate about you and what they think you should do with your life. Then listen to their feedback. If they know you well and are honest, they should have some interesting answers.

Often others can see things in you that you take for granted. When it’s your gift, it’s easy to think that everyone thinks that way.

4.) Read widely
Reading opens your mind  to new horizons and possibilities. Go to the library and explore. Browse both the non-fiction and the fiction sections. Pick up any book that appeals to you and read it. This will lead you to new interests and new activities.

5.) Volunteer at church or for a charity.
In addition to helping those in need, volunteering has many benefits for the volunteer: it improves your self-esteem, increases your confidence and makes you grateful for what you have.

It also shows you new things about yourself and the world. Find a cause or two that you care about, and volunteer.

6.)  Accept the Uncertainty
It’s hard not knowing what your life’s purpose is when you feel like you should know it and know it now, if not yesterday. That uncertainty is one of the hardest things for many people to accept. But one of the truths of having a life’s purpose is that you can’t force it.

Trust that God is leading you. Proverbs 4:16 says that the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn. It shines brighter and brighter until the noon day. As you continue to pray and do what seems right, you will find your clarity growing.

As you trust God, you’ll find doors opening to you that you never knew were there. Ideas popping up. New gifts being discovered.

In the meantime, relax and realize that God is directing your steps. Treasure each day and know that clarity will come as you go along.

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