Your Vision Will Take You To Success

Your Vision Will Take You To Success

When I was a child, we had fill-in-the-blank Saturdays. Sometimes we had some extra time to sleep. Often we would take excursions just for fun.

Then there were those other Saturdays. The kind when you would wake up to a morning of “Clean-out-the-closets.” Or “Work-in-the-yard.”


Those Saturdays were boring. Not fun at all!

Now on the Saturdays when we had fun activities on the calendar, I would hop out of bed – even before the alarm went off. There was excitement in the air as we packed our picnic lunches or loaded our beach equipment.

Not so on those “other” days. My Dad would have to call to wake me several times before I would hear him. Then I would drag to get dressed. Drag to eat breakfast. And drag around even more as I attempted to put off the inevitable.

What was the difference? Why did I eagerly wake up on some days and dread facing the day on others?

Motivation. The kind of motivation which only comes by having a clear vision of what will be happening. (more…)