Success Tip: Get an Accountability Partner

Success Tip: Get an Accountability Partner

Success Tip: Get an Accountability Partner

Growing your mindset isn’t easy and requires a lot of work. There are going to be times you’re tempted to give up or not do your growth exercises “just this once.” Having a support network to encourage you and guide you is essential to get you over these humps.

And just as I’ve suggested, one of the most important support people you can have in your corner is an accountability partner!

An accountability partner is someone who has agreed to keep you on track and making progress. It doesn’t have to be someone else who’s trying to grow their mindset or who’s already done so. It doesn’t even need to be someone who believes in what you’re doing.

So who could be this person? Someone who is good at making other people take responsibility and who is willing to help you.

People use accountability partners for all kinds of things, from maintaining a workout plan to following through on starting a business. It’s a popular and well-studied method of increasing follow-through.

There are several ways to do this. One is to schedule a “coach type” partner. It’s a one-way obligation. The coach checks up on you and your  progress. The other is more like a mastermind partner. The two of you keep check on each other.

Either one will work. You have to decide which would be best for you.

Here’s how it works for growth mindset work: you develop a detailed plan for cultivating your growth mindset. It needs to be specific -you’re going to try X new things each week, confess the Word daily, and so forth. You give a copy of your plan to your accountability partner. The partner gives input into the plan and suggests if it’s too ambitious or not ambitious enough.

Your partner will then check in on you at specified times to see if you’re on track.. (Or if it’s a mastermind, you decide certain dates you will check on each other). Once a week is a good marker to start with. Did you do what you said you would? Why or why not?

You need a partner who doesn’t take excuses lightly. (What do you mean you didn’t do your affirmations this week? Were you unconscious in the hospital?)

The possibility of facing up to not following through on your commitments is enough to get most people to stick with the program. Others need more incentives, such as agreeing with the partner to donate a significant amount of money to a cause they abhor if they don’t follow through.

Having an accountability partner is one of the most effective ways to increase follow-through. Most people find a friend, family member, colleague, or support group member to be their accountability partner,. If that’s not an option for you or no one has the right personality, consider finding a life coach to fill this role.

Either way, being accountable to someone is one of the major keys to success.

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Discover Your Purpose

Discover Your Purpose

Do you know your purpose in life? Or are you unsure about it? So many wonder about this.

Acts 17:26 tells us that God, our Creator, set the time we would live and the boundaries of our existence. There is a reason we are here right now.So you have a purpose. You have a unique set of gifts. You also have a unique set of desires which are part of your makeup.

If you are having trouble finding your life’s purpose, you aren’t  alone;.  Many people have trouble with that. Most people don’t get the proverbial bolt out of the blue that tells them what they’re meant to do. Most of us find our life’s purpose slowly, little by little as we go through our lives.

Here are 6 ways that will help you speed up the process. Keep an open mind as you proceed with this. You never know when you’ll find your perfect “fit.”

1.) Pray. And pray often.

Your Heavenly Father is the one who knows it all. He knows everything about you, and He will guide you if you allow Him to. Ask Him to show you as you continue with these ideas. You will learn to recognize that still, small voice within your heart. That’s Him urging you to go one way and not another.

2.) Check out your interests
What kind of things are you interested in? What are some things you like to read about? Are there things you collect or would like to collect? If you could talk to someone about anything, what would it be?

Your interests are clues to your life’s purpose. Start spending more time on them and see what comes up.

3.) Ask for advice
Talk to people in your life who know you the best. Ask them what they appreciate about you and what they think you should do with your life. Then listen to their feedback. If they know you well and are honest, they should have some interesting answers.

Often others can see things in you that you take for granted. When it’s your gift, it’s easy to think that everyone thinks that way.

4.) Read widely
Reading opens your mind  to new horizons and possibilities. Go to the library and explore. Browse both the non-fiction and the fiction sections. Pick up any book that appeals to you and read it. This will lead you to new interests and new activities.

5.) Volunteer at church or for a charity.
In addition to helping those in need, volunteering has many benefits for the volunteer: it improves your self-esteem, increases your confidence and makes you grateful for what you have.

It also shows you new things about yourself and the world. Find a cause or two that you care about, and volunteer.

6.)  Accept the Uncertainty
It’s hard not knowing what your life’s purpose is when you feel like you should know it and know it now, if not yesterday. That uncertainty is one of the hardest things for many people to accept. But one of the truths of having a life’s purpose is that you can’t force it.

Trust that God is leading you. Proverbs 4:16 says that the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn. It shines brighter and brighter until the noon day. As you continue to pray and do what seems right, you will find your clarity growing.

As you trust God, you’ll find doors opening to you that you never knew were there. Ideas popping up. New gifts being discovered.

In the meantime, relax and realize that God is directing your steps. Treasure each day and know that clarity will come as you go along.

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Secrets for Powering Up Your Success

Secrets for Powering Up Your Success

Remember: Success doesn’t just happen, it comes to those who pursue it! And part of that pursuit is periodic monitoring of progress.

Some might call this “reflection.”

Reflection is an important tool you can use to grow your mindset. Use it regularly, and you’ll see great benefits. You should aim to reflect at least 2-3 times a week and preferably daily. This will help you identify what you’re doing right, what your current issues are, and where you should correct course.

These reflection questions are designed to help you do that on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Keep track of your progress by writing out the answers in a notebook or file and keep them to look back on later. Periodically you can review your old answers and see how far you’ve come.

Just a few minutes:  5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 30 minutes, respectively will do the trick. You’ll be glad that you took that time!

Daily Questions
1.) What is one thing that went right today and why did it go right?
2.) What is one thing that went wrong today and is there anything I can do to change the outcome when this situation presents itself again?
3.) What did I do to improve myself today?

Weekly Questions
1.) What was my biggest success this week? Why did I succeed at it? How can I replicate this success in the future?
2.) What was my biggest failure this week? What caused it? How can I change things to prevent it from happening again?
3.) What did I do to improve my mindset this week?
4.) What did I learn this week?
5.) How much progress did I make toward my goals this week? Did I meet this week’s milestone? Why or why not?

Monthly Questions
1.) What went right this month and why? Is there a pattern to my successes throughout the month? How can I keep these things going in the future?
2.) What went wrong this month and why? Is there a pattern to my failures this month? How can I change to stop this pattern from repeating next month?
3.) What are the most important lessons I have learned this month? How can I implement them into my life for next month?
4.) What have I done to improve my mindset this month? Is it working? Should I try something else next month?
5.) What progress have I made toward my goals in the past month? Am I closer or farther away? Are there obstacles that have arisen? What can I do to speed up my progress?

These simple questions can be powerful if you check them routinely.

Course correction is the key one of your keys to success in anything. Your mindset will grow and your vision will increase with these simple periodic checks.

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3 Ways to Kickstart Your Mindset Growth

3 Ways to Kickstart Your Mindset Growth

April had decided to go for the challenge to grow her mindset. As was often the case, she read the posts and dove into the work necessary to grow in her ability to see herself doing extraordinary things. She truly wanted to change her mindset.

Well, along came her family reunion. It was fun seeing everyone. They reminisced and laughed about some foolish past episodes. It was a wonderful time, and April was glad that she had put in the effort to go.

Yet there was an unexpected downside. When April got home, she fell into her old routine. Old habits. Old mindset.

When you are working through a challenge – especially about your mindset and your thought processes, it’s easy to slip back  at such moments. You lose your momentum, and often there’s the “oh what does it matter?” danger.

But you want to do this, so here are three tips for getting a reboot on your journey.

There are several things you can do to start the process quickly. A few of them are outlined below. Be warned, though, that these aren’t for the faint of heart.

They’re also risky, in that  if they are too ambitious, they can backfire and set you back. Know yourself and your probable reaction well before attempting any of these kickstarts!

1.) Volunteer for something new
New experiences and tasks are one of the things most likely to help change your mindset. Instead of starting small, you can go big, and one of those ways is by volunteering to do something new at home or work. It can be anything from a project committee at work to joining the school PTA to coaching your son’s soccer team.

There’s only one requirement: it must involve a commitment, so you can’t just back out when you have time to reconsider.

2.) Try something you normally wouldn’t consider
This means trying something way outside your comfort zone. Do you have set food preferences? Try the strangest dish on the menu. Are you a homebody? Call a friend and schedule an outing at a museum or concert.

Again, it can be big or small, but it needs to be something that involves a commitment so you’re not likely to back out. It also needs to involve something you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

3.) Do something daring
You have a bucket list. Everyone does, even if it’s not written down. What are the things you most want to do that seem out of the norm. Pick one and do it. Or commit to doing it.

Do you want to go back to school to change careers? Apply to the school.

Do you want to travel to India? Book the trip. (Or buy some books about it).

Do you want to write a book? Sit down and begin your outline. Who, What, and Why do you want to write? This one can really jumpstart a whole new chapter in your life!

This is the riskiest but most rewarding of the three options. It can make or break your attempt to change your mindset.

But if it works, the benefits will be spending the rest of your life having done something important to you. You’ll have the adventure of a lifetime -and a new growth mindset to boot

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Try This Different Kind of Meditation

Try This Different Kind of Meditation

Let’s look at a different form of meditation from what most people think. Let’s look at Christian meditation. Meditating on words God has given you for your journey.

Joshua 1:8 This book of the Law (the Bible) shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you will be careful to do all that is written in it, for then you will make your way prosperous and then you will have success.

Stop and think about this passage and think about what was going on.

The Israelites had been supernaturally delivered from Egypt after 400 years of slavery. Then they faltered, doubting God could take them into the Land He had promised, so they spent another 40 years wandering around in the wilderness.

The generation of doubters had died, and Joshua was leading the group now. They were getting ready to go into the promised land and take it, and they needed all the faith they could muster. They also needed for God to be with them – accomplishing supernatural things for them.

That’s when Joshua was told to keep his eyes on God’s Word. To meditate on it day and night. And to speak it.

That’s the true meditation God has ordained for us as Christians. He wants us to move forward with His blessings on our lives. As we keep His Word before us, our faith rises and our focus stays on our mission.

My husband has a novel teaching about this. One of the meanings of the word “meditate” is to guard as a lion does its prey. My husband says that we are to guard over the word God gives us in that way. Hovering over it, and looking for anything which would try to steal that word from us. It’s our word and no one can snatch it from us!

So what do I suggest?

Take your Bible and get in a quiet spot. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you words for your meditation. When He gives you special words, those are more significant to you than any other.

For starters, if you are Seeking Word about Your prosperity:

Deuteronomy 8:18 (NASB) But you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who is giving you the power to make wealth that His covenant may be established.

II Corinthians 9:8  (NASB) And God is able to make all grace abound to you so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed.

Or Maybe it’s Your Children:

Deuteronomy 28:4 (NASB) Blessed shall be the offspring of your body.

Isaiah 54:13 (NASB) All of your sons (children) will be taught of the Lord; and the well-being of your sons will be great.

Or Your Health:

Exodus 15:26  (ASV) I am the God who heals you

Psalm 103:3 (NASB) He pardons all our iniquities and heals all our diseases.

These scriptures are just starting points. Get your Bible and sit with God in a quiet state. Think about His goodness and His love for you. Then ask Him to bring you word to meditate on.

Think about the Word you’ve chosen. Say it over and over out loud. Then think about it even as you ngo about your day. Allow God to build on that Word. This will increase your faith in what you are doing and your faith in God prospering you.

Meditating on the Word of God will change your life.